Major in Mathematics
Topnotch Faculty
You will thrive academically under the mentoring relationships nurtured by our faculty.
The USF Advantage
Your mathematics courses are taught by faculty with expertise in pure mathematics, applied mathematics, numerical or computer methods, and mathematical statistics.
State-of-the-Art Facilities
The Joseph E. Salsbury Science Center classrooms and laboratories will serve to enhance your studies at USF, as well as your career beyond its walls.


Some students choose a college major because the subject matter is useful and in high demand. Some choose a major because they find the subject beautiful and fascinating. As a Mathematics major, you will enjoy the best of both worlds! The study of mathematics will bring you frequent challenges with fascinating puzzles, close encounters with astonishing paradoxes, and breathtaking insights into infinity, all while equipping you to solve real and important problems that require sound logic and quantitative reasoning—skills that will position you well for a wide range of gratifying careers.

The Mathematics major prepares you for myriad careers in the public and private sector, especially by combining expertise in mathematics with interests in other fields such as computer science, natural science, business or social science.

Applied Mathematics

The Applied Mathematics major combines mathematics, computer science and physical science to position you well for careers that require abilities in mathematical analysis and problem-solving, computer-aided mathematical modeling and simulation, and the physical sciences.

Recent years have ushered in an exciting wave of opportunities for the application of mathematics to other fields of research and industry. In addition to the traditional fields of engineering, which continue to enjoy strong demand and high salaries, new and renewed activity is occurring in other mathematical sciences, including bioinformatics, operations research, financial mathematics and computational science.


With a degree in Mathematics or Applied Mathematics, you will be well-prepared to pursue an advanced degree or a wide range of professions.

Research Opportunities

In our mathematics programs, opportunities exist for you to conduct undergraduate research, present at conferences and serve as a tutor. The programs complete with a Senior Seminar that prepares you for future professional responsibilities.

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