Mathematics Home

Welcome to the Mathematics Program at the University of Sioux Falls. Our program actually consists of several distinct programs—including majors in Mathematics, Mathematics Education, and Applied Mathematics—which work closely together to form a single, dynamic whole. As an essential component of the liberal arts enterprise, our program is also committed to helping all students of all majors develop quantitative and analytic skills which will enable them to be truly effective leaders in their public life and truly profound thinkers in their intellectual life.

The mathematical sciences are at once practical enough to provide a framework for designing computer simulations and exquisite enough to provide a glimpse into infinity. The mathematician’s ideas are timeless and transcendent, yet they course through the veins of our common contemporary life. Whether you are motivated by a rewarding career or simple intellectual curiosity—or both!—you will find great satisfaction and kindred spirits in our program.

Students in the USF Mathematics Program will connect with faculty who are deeply engaged in their professional community, while at the same time deeply committed to the learning encounters which define the USF experience. Students will be challenged to pursue an education that extends beyond the arbitrary borders of a university curriculum, but will find a welcoming community of fellow inquirers to share their journey. Students will engage in dialog with brilliant people and powerful ideas, all in a community which shares a common mission to serve God and humankind in the world.

Jason Douma, Associate Professor of Mathematics