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USF Network Access

Every University of Sioux Falls Student needs to have a network account, which must be renewed each semester.

  • A form may be filled out in the registration line. After registration forms are also available in the Mears Library, Business Office, or Room 211 in the Science Center.

  • Your network username (for logging in), will consist of the first two letters of your first name and your entirelast name. If this username is already in use, letters will be added to your first name as needed.

  • Your initial Password to log onto the system will be your student ID number. You must log in from an on campus windows based computer for the first time as it will ask you to reset your password. (Please do not try to log into Outlook Web Access or a Macintosh computer for the first time) Your new password has no formal requirements (No minimum, maximum, etc.)


Name: John Doe

Student ID: 457864

Username: JoDoe Initial Password: 457864
  • If you forget your password - Information Services will reset it to your initial password.

Contact Information Services if you are unable to log in after 3 days.

If you have questions or have special needs please contact the Network Administrator at 331-6674 or This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it