University of Sioux Falls provides ResNet as a service for students while on campus. ResNet provides internet access to all on-campus residence hall rooms. It also provides for off campus students to get connected while on campus with their personal computers. This is a fee-based service which is charged to your USF account. You agree to adhere to the following rules and policies:

It is the responsibility of each resident to use this service appropriately and in compliance with all USF policies.


Residents will agree to abide by all policies governing the use of campus computing Resources.


Only one IP address will be assigned to each registered student. Residents may NOT have multiple IP addresses per computer.


You are responsible for troubleshooting, maintaining and repairing your own computers. This includes installation and configuration of network cards, and software used to connect to the network. USF will provide the network cable.


Residents will follow all instructions regarding network configuration and addressing. Using a network address other than the one assigned to you is strictly forbidden.


Residents will not tamper with or modify any college-owned networking equipment or wiring connections. This applies to all network wiring, hardware, and in-room jacks.


Any attempt to gain unauthorized access into another person's accounts or computer systems on or off-campus will result in immediate loss of network connection as well as any necessary disciplinary and/or legal action.


Users of the residential network must comply with all local, state, federal and international laws regarding the distribution of copyrighted materials.


Forgery or misrepresentation of one's identity via electronic mail or any other form of electronic communication will be prosecuted under State and Federal laws.


Residence Hall access is only for the internet and not the USF network.


P2P file sharing services will not be allowed for copyrighted files. We reserve the right to manage internet bandwidth by decreasing or not allowing P2P file sharing.


You are strongly encouraged to have virus protection on your personal computer. If virus protection is not detected by Cisco NAC, a free virus protection will be provided for installation.


Failure to comply with any of the above policies may result in termination of email and in-room network services.

Information Technology reserves the right to disable any in-room computer connection without notice should it be determined to be causing network problems that results in a disruption of services to others.

Student violations of the above policies will be handled through the Information Services Department and the Dean of Students.