Major in English
Advantages of an English Degree
An English major allows you to develop marketable and versatile skills and apply them in a variety of professions.
The USF Experience
You will gain valuable opportunities to publish works for the USF community in the student literary magazine, Asaph’s Cow, receive awards and recognition for academic and creative writing and join the English Honor Society Sigma Tau Delta.
Teaching English
If you have a passion for reading and writing and a desire to serve others through teaching, an English Secondary Education Certification will prepare you for meaningful service in the classroom.

If you have a passion for reading and writing, a degree in English from USF will teach you to write creatively, communicate effectively and think critically. You will receive preparation for both academic and editorial work as well as valuable assets for careers in a variety of fields.

As an English major, you can achieve the following skills:

  • Communicate clearly to various audiences and purposes using both effective speaking and writing.
  • Express familiarity with literary history including writers, periods and cultural contexts.
  • Appreciate and engage with the aesthetics of literature and language.
  • Evaluate, analyze and apply academic sources in research writing.
  • Recognize and communicate many of the relationships among faith, religion, language and literature.

Recent graduates from USF's English Department have found placements in graduate programs in English, Education and Library and Information Sciences as well as professional positions in nonprofit organizations, law firms and businesses. Many of our graduates have also pursued career and service opportunities abroad.


Pursuing an English major is more than enjoying literature and writing. An English degree provides you with a wide variety of professional and life skills that serve as preparation for future careers.


While engaged in an internship—either on campus or within local businesses and organizations—we will work with your professional aspirations. Learn more about the potential opportunities.

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