M.Ed. in Educational Leadership

The M.Ed. in Educational Leadership prepares educators to assume building-level leadership responsibilities such as collaborating with leadership teams, helping design quality staff development, insuring effective instructional leadership, mentoring others and articulating and implementing a vision for excellent and safe schools. The educational leadership program is comprised of 33 credit hours, and, upon successful completion, meets the South Dakota Department of Education rules for certification as a school principal. This program meets USF, state and national Leadership in Schools standards.

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Core Courses Credit Hours Format
Edu 501 Professional and Ethical Leadership 3 Summer or Online
Edu 521 Curriculum Development and Design 3 Summer
Edu 585 Research Methods 3 Online
Leadership Concentration    
Edu 522 Practicum: Curriculum Development and Design-Elementary Internship


Edu 530 Practicum: Curriculum Development and Design-Secondary Internship
3 Fall
Edu 531 Legal Foundations of Education 3 Summer
Edu 532 Practicum: School Law Applications for Student Discipline and Staff Development/Internship 3 Spring
Edu 566 Site-Based Fiscal Administration* 2 Summer
Edu 551 Professional, Student and Staff Development 3 Summer
Edu 561 Management of School and Community Resources 3 Summer
Edu 562 Diversity Issues in Education* 3 Summer
Edu 589 Practicum: Critical Issues Research Seminar*/Internship 2/2 Fall/Spring
Total Credits 33  

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