English (B.A.)

You may choose between two different "tracks" to pursue within the English major: the literature track or the writing track. Each track is specifically tailored to your particular areas of interest or career goals. Each option includes the same collection of core courses as well as specific courses related to each area of study. In addition, you can choose to major in English Education.

Current General Major Requirements

Minimum semester hours for the major: 31s.h. in English and 2 semesters in a foreign language.

Students must complete at least ½ of the major at USF.
Note: LAR111 and LAR112 are not counted in the total hours for the major.

Literature Track

If you are interested in analyzing, enjoying and interpreting works of literature, this track is for you. Along with completing the core English courses, you will take additional courses focused specifically on reading and writing about American and British literature.

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Writing Track

If you want to gain a variety of practical, professional and creative writing skills, consider participating in the writing track. Along with completing the core English courses, you will take courses specifically designed to enhance writing skills in a variety of areas. You will also participate in courses to study writing through works of literature.

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English Secondary Education Certification

English Education combines both the English major and Education major. For this major, you must complete a minimum of 31 semester hours of English courses, 6 semester hours of a foreign language, 6 semester hours of oral communication and the courses required for secondary education certification.

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English Minor

If you are pursuing another degree and are interested in achieving reading and writing skills beyond the core liberal arts requirements, the English minor is a wise option. The minor includes 15 semester hours of English courses consisting of electives and a composition class.

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