Master of Education in Teaching

Recommended Time Frame and Sequence

The following time-frame would allow individuals pursuing the M.Ed. in Teaching to continue full-time employment until the final professional semester of the program. Coursework can be completed in two years.

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Course Title Semester Credits Term Offered
EDU 506 Foundations of Education 3 Fall, online
EDU 514 Teaching and Learning w/ Technology 3 Fall, evening
EDU 557 Literacy Across the Curriculum for Middle-Level and ELL Learners 3 Jan - March, evening and online
EDU 508 Pedagogy for Middle- and Secondary- Level Educators 3 March - May, evening
EDU 505 Human Relations 3 Summer, online
EDU 526 Educational Psychology and Evaluation 3 Summer, evening and online
EDU 533 Native American Studies 3 Fall, evening and online
EDU 515 Exceptional Students 3 Fall, evening and online
Professional Semester
EDU 525 Secondary/K-12 Content Methods* 2 Interim and Spring, evening
EDU 555 Research and Instructional Management 3 Spring,day
EDU 556 Student Teaching 5 Spring,day
Total Credits 34

*Please note that K-12 content majors (music, foreign language, physical education and art) will need an additional credit of methods.