Residence Life Safety

The safety of the residence halls is maintained through the use of keys and a key-card system. Resident students are issued keys/key-cards at the beginning of the academic year and are responsible for the security of the keys/key-cards. Resident students who lose their keys/key-cards or distribute keys or key-cards to individuals not authorized access to the facility will face financial penalty and may face loss of residential privileges. Periodic key/key-card inventories occur throughout the academic year.

residence hall is staffed with Resident Directors. The RDs coordinate the safety and security programs established by the Residence Life Office. The RDs also supervise the Resident Assistants and Night Security Monitors assigned to each facility. These campus life staff members are charged with the responsiblity to safeguard the facility as well as to enforce University policies, while also serving as resource/referral persons for students living in the residence halls.

At the beginning of each term, the campus life staff present required educational programs designed to orient resident students to issues of safety. Programs include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Building evacuations due to fire or bomb threat
  • Tornado or natural disaster training
  • Building Security/Key Security
  • Self-Defense
  • Acquaintance/Stranger
  • Rape or Assault
  • Theft

Resident students are also oriented to USF's code of conduct. USF is not responsible for the theft or loss of a student's personal possessions. Students are advised to lock their rooms, to carry their keys/key-cards with them at all times and to report - within 24 hours of the incident - any losses of property to the Sioux Falls Police Department and to Campus Security.

The University of Sioux Falls is not responsible for the personal belongings of anyone residing in a residence hall. Damage caused in any circumstance is not the responsibility of the University nor is it covered by University insurance. For this reason, students are encouraged to leave expensive items at home. Students are also encouraged to see that they remain on their parents’ homeowners’ insurance policy while they reside at USF. If a student cannot remain on his/her parents' insurance policy, he/she is encouraged to purchase renters' insurance. 

The University of Sioux Falls provides opportunities for social growth of residential students through its intervisitation program. Intervisitation, which is not synonymous with Open House, enables residential students specific times daily in which they may entertain guests within the facility. The names of overnight guests must be registered with the Resident Directors. Only invited guests are permitted within the Residence Halls, and both hosts and guests are expected to behave according to University policies. The Dean of Students handles violations of policies; Campus Security only intervenes if requested by the Dean of Students.