ENG 330 Communication, Language, & Grammar

An introduction to communication theory and the theory of language description, and a review of grammar, drawing from the traditional, structural, and generative-transformational approaches. Prerequisite: LAR 111. (3 s.h.)

PHI 207 Introduction to Philosophy

An introduction to the discipline of philosophical reflection. Particular attention will be focused on such issues as the nature of human knowledge, alternative understandings of reality, and the nature and purpose of human life. Prerequisite: THE 240 and LAR 112 or instructor approval. (3 s.h.)

THE 240 Introduction to Christian Thought

A foundation course in Christian theology and ethics covering the major doctrines of historical Christianity. Prerequisite: THE 140. (3 s.h.)

THE 318 Letters of Paul

An exploration of Paul’s teachings and practices as revealed in his letters. The letters will be examined in light of their general historical and cultural setting as well as their specific situation and occasion. Students will carefully analyze Paul’s ideas and the way he argues in support of them, including about such topics as salvation, church life, spirituality, sexuality, marriage, women, freedom, and mission. Prerequisite: THE 140. (3 s.h.).