Major in Theology and Biblical Studies
Culture for Service
At USF, you will have the opportunity to encounter different parts of the world, care for the campus environment through Christian values and grow in a dynamic community.
Advantages of a Theology Degree
Pursuing a Theology major will allow you to search and learn about the Christian faith in the company of other students. A Theology degree provides you with a wide variety of professional and life skills that serve as preparation for future careers.
Authentic Community
USF is a safe environment that allows you to be yourself and become who Christ wants you to be.

With a degree in Theology, you will acquire basic knowledge of the distinctive disciplines and established findings of Biblical Studies, Christian Thought, Church History and Philosophy, along with the ability to integrate thought across theses disciplines. In addition, you will gain the ability to think critically about biblical, historical and theological ideas, communicating them coherently and applying them responsibly.

If you major in Theology, you can choose an emphasis in either Biblical Studies or Youth Ministry. The Theology and Biblical Studies major will prepare you for graduate and professional training that will lead to careers in pastoral and youth ministry, Christian education, missionary service, campus ministry, institutional chaplaincy, parachurch ministry and teaching. The Theology and Youth Ministry major will prepare you to work as a youth minister in local churches or in parachurch organizations. You will also have a strong foundation for graduate training for the pastorate, Christian education, missionary service, campus ministry, institutional chaplaincy and parachurch ministry.

In addition, you can double major in Theology. Theology is a flexible and useful complement to almost any major. At USF, Theology students have also pursued majors in English, Spanish, Business, History, Communication Studies and Theatre, Art, Music, Psychology, Social Work, Criminal Justice and the natural sciences.


A degree in Theology provides you with marketable and versatile skills that will prepare you for both immediate career placement and graduate study.

Activities and Organizations

At USF, you have the opportunity to be involved in a wide variety of student organizations and serve the community, nation and world through service-learning opportunities and mission trips.

USF Forum for Conversations in Theology and Science

All USF students are encouraged to attend the LSI forum series, which discusses the relationship between theology and science in various areas. Often controversial, these forums provide a safe place to hear various points of views on a certain topic and to converse with others about the topic in a healthy and open-minded manner. Topics in the past have included the consciousness and the soul, non-materialistic approaches to physics and cosmology, evolution and human origins, medicine and healthcare, and global warming. Sessions include presentations by USF faculty and various outside professionals; including leaders in their fields from around the nation.

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