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Why I wouldn't be doing anything else...

Teaching the Bible at a Christian Liberal Arts University offers one a unique set of opportunities. Inside and outside of the classroom I am able to nurture and grow the faith of young disciples, opening them up to new possibilities, challenging them to understand the story of God and to take their part in it. It is a rare privilege to be able to use one’s gifts in a way that tangibly opens fellow travelers to the wonders of the Kingdom. Such is my privilege.

My own experiences as an undergrad powerfully shaped the direction of my life. I encountered the living God my freshman year of college. I profited from the investment of wise and loving mentors. Now I have the opportunity to impact others in this formative stage of life. While the University of Sioux Falls has a distinctively Christian mission and perspective, enrollment is open to all. Many of my students in introductory classes know little of the Bible or the Christian faith. In such cases I have the opportunity to introduce them to the life of faith as it is laid out in the Scriptures. Hence, my role at the University of Sioux Falls, while defined by teaching and scholarship, includes mentoring and mission, discipleship and evangelism. For one who has “tasted and seen that the Lord is good,” nothing could be richer.