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Why I wouldn't be doing anything else...

           I can state enthusiastically that there is nothing I would rather do than teach the Bible at the University of Sioux Falls.  I love teaching the Introduction to the Bible course, which enables me to meet students from the wide array of disciplines and interests here.  Students make such important discoveries and have their hearts warmed toward God and his Word.  I like them, and I care about them.  And every time I walk into an upper division course, I marvel at how motivated my students are and what high quality people they are.  We have great conversations inside and outside of class.  The faculty I work with provide a perfect combination of personal encouragement and fellowship along with challenge (by their example!) to be excellent.

            That is not to say that my years as a pastor before I came here were not invigor­ating and rewarding.  When talking to our students who are considering pastoral ministry as a career, I enjoy being able to say honestly that I had a good time of it myself, and that I am still actively involved in church leadership and in preaching.