Student Testimonies

The Theology and Philosophy Department at USF has impacted me in countless ways.  Through this program I have learned to become a better writer, communicator and thinker.  As a Christian, I have a desire to actively engage the world around me in a variety of ways and this department has equipped me to do that effectively.  The classes are challenging and thought provoking; they teach more than just facts and dates.  The best quality of the department is the professors.  They are outstanding because they go above and beyond in their investment in students.  Each professor has taken the time to get to know me and develop a relationship with me.  I always feel comfortable talking to them and asking them questions.  They are my mentors and have helped me to find my own passions and have given me the encouragement to follow them.

Katie Rowen, Class of 2007


I knew I wanted personal growth to be the main part of my college experience.  Maybe I was naïve, but I didn’t expect that much of this growth and challenge would come in class.  My introduction to the Bible class turned many of my previous presuppositions upside down!  This left me uncomfortable, which was great for my growth.  I now feel equipped to search the scripture to find God’s truth, both simple and complex.      The theology department has done more than intellectually guide me.  They are personal and candid when I need spiritual or practical guidance.  They teach me to critically and faithfully analyze what I believe and they don’t simply spoon feed me “certainties.”  My passion for God has grown infinitely and will continue indefinitely as a result of God’s ministry through the USF theology department, God’s people, and my growing anticipation of what God’s story past, present and future will reveal. 
                                                         Julie Elder, Class of 2009 


As a Theology Major one is often faced with new and sometimes intimidating ideas. As one’s understanding of complex theological concepts deepens, other questions arise. Not only do you need professors who can assist you in understanding on an intellectual level but on a spiritual level as well. It is impossible to deepen your understanding of God and his plan for your life without mentors who allow you to confide in them and assist you in your search. In my time at USF the professors of Theology Department have fulfilled these roles without fail.  It is rare to find a few professors who take an active interest in a student beyond the classroom. To have an entire department do so is unheard of. I am happy to say that the Theology Department at the University of Sioux Falls is the exception to the rule.
David Johnston, Class of 2008 


From the professors, to the students, to the course work, the Theology/Philosophy Department at USF has enhanced my college experience. I am being challenged not only academically, but spiritually; the professors genuinely care about who I am becoming as a person and teach their curriculum in a way that challenges students to ask the tough questions and not always find easy answers. I am grateful for the professors’ and students’ willingness to share their wisdom and lives with me.  


Lindsey Dolge, Class of 2008