Theology and Philosophy Major

Students majoring in Theology and Philosophy will acquire basic knowledge of the distinctive disciplines and established findings of Biblical Studies, Christian Thought, Church History, and Philosophy, along with the ability to integrate thought across these disciplines.  Students will gain the ability to think critically about biblical, historical, and theological ideas, communicating them coherently and applying them responsibly. 

Vocational Applications:
The Theology & Philosophy major can be a foundation for graduate and professional training leading to careers in pastoral and youth ministry, Christian education, missionary service, campus ministry, institutional chaplaincy, para-church ministry and teaching.

Requirements: In addition to meeting the regular degree requirements of the University (which include THE 140 & 240), the student must take at least 36 semester hours of study that include the following courses. An overall GPA of 2.5 within the courses for the major is required for graduation. 
      THE 303 History of Christianity 
      THE 313 Religions of the World 
      THE 317 Jesus & the Gospels 
      THE 318 Letters of Paul 
      or THE 319 Hebrews to Revelation 
      THE 351 Old Testament Elective;
      THE411 Christianity in America 
      or THE413 Christianity and Culture 
      THE490 Senior Seminar 
      PHI 207 Introduction to Philosophy 
      PHI 341 Ethics
      or PHI 350 Philosophy of Religion
      Nine elective semester hours from Theology or Philosophy or History 304
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