The University of Sioux Falls Fredrikson School of Education is accredited with the  National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). Professional accreditation is one way to ensure schools of education are graduating well-qualified educators ready for today’s classrooms. USF has proven its commitment to producing quality teachers for our nation’s children by achieving accreditation under the performance-oriented standards of NCATE. USF has been accreditated by NCATE since 1992. 

The next scheduled review will be in the spring of 2016.

Title II Report Information

Academic Year 2012-2013
Number of students in teacher education programs, all specializations: 156
Number of students in supervised student teaching: 63

Average number of practicum hours required prior to student teaching: 200
Average total number of hours required for student teaching: 420

Median GPA of individuals completing the undergraduate teaching program: 3.57
Number of candidates completing all education programs, graduate and undergraduate: 108

2014 Title II Report

Praxis Information 2010-2013

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