Student Testimonials
melissa_jelen“The Criminal Justice program at the University of Sioux Falls does an excellent job of giving its students hands on experiences in the criminal justice field as well as an opportunity to network with those currently in the field through service learning experiences, internships, national conferences and field observations.  The professors  also do an excellent job of allowing each individual student to focus their attention on the specific area of interest in the criminal justice field in which they wish to make their career as well as educating them on other areas of the field in the process.“
--Melissa Jelen


jeremy_krahn“The Criminal Justice program here is an excellent way to obtain a well-rounded knowledge of the unique criminal justice system that exists in our country. I find the program’s major strength is that it stresses the importance of the Constitution, contextualizes our place in history as Americans, and develops the ever-so-necessary critical thinking skills that generally lack among the common populace. The connections that Professor O’Toole can plug you into will definitely highlight your experiences with field observations, internships and the like. I truly believe that, in combining this program with any other social science major at this institution, (which is also convenient) you can become an objectively educated force to be reckoned with among future employers in the field.”
--Jeremy Krahn


tracy_isakson“As a senior criminal justice major, I can sincerely say I feel extremely prepared for the future profession ahead of me.  I thank God that He has placed me into a program that offers such thorough and challenging classes taught by such dedicated and passionate professors.  The Criminal Justice professors, of whom many have also become my friends, have not only taught me facts and figures, but have taught me to think critically, to recognize where improvements need to be made and instigate change, and to never stop learning.  I am now working as a senior intern for the South Dakota State Penitentiary and loving every minute of it--an opportunity I feel I received in large due to the outstanding reputation of this department and those inside of it.”
--Tracy Isakson

daniel_haggar“Criminal Justice at USF is so much more than just a major. The Criminal Justice program has allowed me to participate in juvenile-based mentoring; attend, as well as present at, national criminal justice conferences, and also actively participate in the Law and Justice Club on campus. The professors earn the respect of the students and drive them to succeed. The Criminal Justice faculty really cares about the future of their students. I truly value my four years in the program.”
--Daniel Haggar