The Academic Success Center (ASC) partners with academic departments to provide quality tutoring in every subject area. On average each year, the University of Sioux Falls provides students more than 1,500 hours of tutoring.

In addition to individual tutoring, USF offers services to supplement and support regular classroom instruction.

USF Writing Center

The USF Writing Center provides one-on-one interaction with individual writers. Whether you’re an established writer who recognizes the need for constructive feedback or a developing writer who wants to address particular concerns, visit the Writing Center that is located in the lower level of Mears Library.

Math/Physics/Computer Science Center

The Math/Physics/Computer Science Center provides regular tutoring services in tese three areas. Students enrolled in introductory courses are encouraged to leverage the Math Center as a resource to provide clarification of key concepts, guidance with homework assignments and assistance studying for quizzes and exams. The Math Center is located in the lower level of Mears Library.

Faculty Members

Faculty members are also available to provide you individual assistance during their office hours.

Tutoring for Online Learners

USF is eager to accommodate online students and provides these services remotely. Please contact the ASC to arrange an individual consultation.