Advising & Coursework


The English faculty are responsible for three general education courses: Western Heritages I and II, and Introduction to Literature.  The Western Heritages courses--casually referred to as LAR 111 and LAR 112--comprise a two-semester sequence taken by nearly all freshmen.  In LAR, students become familiar with some of the important ideas and texts that have shaped the West; they engage in various kinds of writing; and they engage in discussion about the meaning of the liberal arts, the Christian liberal arts, and the liberally educated person.  In Introduction to Literature (ENG 200), students read, discuss, write about, and in some cases perform various kinds of literature, including drama, poetry, fiction, and non-fictional prose.

Within the English major, we offer a variety of courses and three different "tracks" that an English major may pursue: the literature track, the writing track, and teaching certification in secondary English education.  We also offer a minor in English. 


The USF English department strives to provide timely, thorough, and personal advising for students.  Faculty work closely with their advisees to shape a curriculum that best meets the needs and interests of the student.  Beyond assisting with degree plans and registration, faculty advisors also guide advisees through the English Major Portfolio and Colloquium, which serves as a capstone to each English major's course of study at USF. 

Along the way, the relationships between faculty and students can develop beyond mere academic advising, developing into collaborative partnerships wherein faculty and students co-author papers for publication or presentation at academic conferences.  Recent and upcoming examples include undergraduate English majors presenting work at the 2006 Spring Conference of the South Dakota Council of Teachers of English and the 2007 Regional Conference of the Midwest Writing Centers Association.

For more information about the courses we offer or the advising process, please explore the links provided above.