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Goals and Objectives
The general goals and objectives for the Exercise Science majors are based upon current guidelines and criteria established by nationally recognized professional organizations in the field as well as the mission statement of the university.
  Exercise Science students should be able to:   


Express/articulate a personal philosophy of health and wellness, including the integration of the physical, social, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual components.
2. Use knowledge of functional anatomy and biomechanics to analyze and evaluate movement and to prescribe exercises to prevent injuries and enhance performance.
3. Apply understanding of basic exercise physiology to exercise evaluation and prescription in the areas of joint flexibility, muscular strength/endurance, and aerobic/anaerobic training.
4. Recognize risk factors (i.e., cardiovascular, metabolic, musculoskeletal) and their relationship to physical activity, nutrition, and other lifestyle behaviors.  Identify risk factors which may require consultation with medical or allied health professions.
5. Be familiar with psychological factors (i.e., motivation, support) that influence health behaviors and with strategies for encouraging healthy patterns of behavior.
6. Identify and demonstrate appropriate techniques for assessing and evaluating health components (i.e., fitness, stress, body composition, diet).
7. Demonstrate competence in basic life support, first aid, and other emergency procedures.
8. Demonstrate and understanding of principles of nutrition, body composition, and weight management when analyzing current status and prescribing desirable changes.
9. Understand the general principles and techniques relating to stress/distress prevention and management.
10. Demonstrate understanding of the basic principles of program planning, management, evaluation, and administration of health and wellness programs and facilities.

The exercise science and wellness department is located in the Stewart Center (26th and Menlo) on the campus of
 the University of Sioux Falls.
To contact the department, you can call the University of Sioux Falls at:
1-800-888-1047  or  1-605-331-5000