Internship Opportunities
Students in Exercise Science must take an internship after their Junior year to complete the requirements of the major.  There are many internship opportunities in the area of Exercise Science.  Many students choose to intern with a professional in the field they intend to pursue after graduation.  They may be in the medical profession (physician assistant, physical therapist, nurse, cardiac rehabilitation) or in applied fitness (exercise physiology, research, YMCA programs, geriatric centers, athletic training, handicap services).  The student may stay in the Sioux Falls area or go elsewhere in the United States.  The internship gives the student 3 to 6 hours of credit and may take 1 to 3 months to complete.  Generally, the internship experience is a non-salaried position.

The exercise science and wellness department is located in the Stewart Center (26th and Menlo) on the campus of
 the University of Sioux Falls.
To contact the department, you can call the University of Sioux Falls at:
1-800-888-1047  or  1-605-331-5000