Job Title* Median National Wage* Median SD Wage*
Chiropractor $65,300 $59,200
Coach $29,200 $30,100
Exercise Physiologist $47,500** N/A
Fitness Trainer and Aerobics Instructor $33,000 $24,600
Health Educator $49,200 $45,200
Health Service Manager $90,900 $87,200
Occupational Therapist $76,900 $62,300
Physical Therapist $81,000 $68,900
Physician Assistant $93,000 $89,400
Recreational Therapist $43,200 N/A
Sports Psychologist $55,000*** N/A

* Data published by U.S. and S.D. Departments of Labor at
the Career One Stop:

** Data provided by the American College of Sports Medicine. Salary increases with years of experience. Median annual salary is $5,000 higher among those with ACSM clinical exercise certification than those without it.

*** Data provided from a salary survey conducted by the American Psychological Association.

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