The Program



History (B.A.)

Goals: The goals of this program are: (1) to give the student background in the religious, political, cultural, social and economic life of the people of the world and (2) to explore the role of ideas and institutions in human communities. In order to meet the objectives of the History program, the University regularly assesses how well it realizes these and other goals and its methods to achieve them.

Vocational Applications: The History major provides a background for professional study for ministry, law, library work, museum work, historical society work or archival work and prepares the student for graduate study in history and related fields.

History Secondary Education Certification

Goals: In addition to the goals of the regular History major, this program is designed to acquaint the student with the high school history program, provide the student with pedagogical awareness and practical educational experience, and prepare the student for teaching history at the secondary school level.

Vocational Applications: The program is particularly aimed at preparing the student to teach high school history.