Student Testimonials
The History Department at USF has provided me with an opportunity to develop critical thinking, speaking, and writing skills to assist me in finding my place in history.  The professors are continually seeking opportunities to relate themselves and their material to students through an unquenchable thirst for knowledge as seen by their eagerness to provide traveling opportunities, commitment to public service, and ability to model what it means to be a Christian scholar.

As a beginning teacher, I have found that the history classes at USF have more than adequately prepared me for the content knowledge needed to be a success in the classroom.  The wide variety of courses offered gave me an opportunity to discover what time periods and personalities in history capture my interest the most.  In addition, the professors effectively encourage students to learn from the past in order to make their own mark in the world.

Paul W. McVey
History and Social Science Major
USF ‘06

Working with the USF History department was a fantastic experience.  Qualified, friendly professors made the classes informative and interesting.  Being a non-traditional student and working full time made taking classes at “traditional” times challenging.  The USF History department staff worked with me to create a flexible schedule that allowed me to finish my courses in a timely manner.

Concern for their students’ best interests is a high priority for the members of the USF History department, and they went out of their way to help me reach my goals.  I would highly recommend USF to anyone looking to obtain a degree in the field of History.

Larissa Luther
USF History Graduate

Thought-provoking is the word that best describes the history classes at USF; you are challenged to apply what you are learning.  A variety of courses are offered, giving students a taste of many different cultures of the world throughout all of time, from the beginnings to today.  As a student teacher I felt well-prepared to enter the classroom to teach my students about what I learned over the past couple of years.  When teaching on the Roman Empire, I used my notes and referred to concepts learned from my USF Ancient History class to explain events to my students.

USF professors are very intelligent, but best of all they are supportive and care about you as an individual person.  Whether it be needing clarification on something studied in class or taking a moment to chat, their doors are always open.  They are supportive and offer any assistance to prepare you for your future.  Additional learning opportunities are abundant and information easily accessible in their offices:  study abroad programs, internships, teaching opportunities abroad, exchange programs within the US, and volunteer opportunities.  My years at USF have given me a solid foundation of history, but what I will remember most is that my professors took time to get to know me.

Brady Olson
USF History Education Major

As a recent graduate of the University of Sioux Falls with a B.A. in History Education, I am well equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to be an effective teacher of history.  The variety of courses offered allows students to explore the past by examining diverse sources and perspectives.  Students enrolled in the history program are also challenged to think critically about the events that have shaped the world.  In addition, each professor is devoted to the success and future of every student, thus creating a positive learning environment.  I truly feel blessed to have been a student in the History program.

Kristin Gaikowski
USF History Graduate