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The University of Sioux Falls offers Interim courses in January, between the fall and spring semesters.  A student paying full-time tuition in the fall or spring semester is allowed to enroll in up to 4 Interim credits at $330.00 and an additional $330.00 for each credit over 4 credits. 

No refunds will be granted if a student chooses to drop their Interim course.

All full-time students will be charged a onetime Interim Fee of $330.  The fee will be applied to the students fall balance if they are a full-time student.  If a part-time student become a full-time student in the Spring, the Interim Fee will be charged at that time.

Student will be charged the fee even if they do not plan on taking an interim course.

Part-time students who pay for Interim courses and later enroll full-time for spring, will have up to 3 credits of their Interim charges reversed.

All other students who wish to take an Interim course will be charged per credit hour taken. 

Students registered for more than 4 credits in the Interim session, requiring approval by the Associate Academic Dean, will be charged the overload rate for each additional credit enrolled.

Meals - INTERIM Only:

Cougar Dollars Only