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Refund Calendar

Refunds are calculated as a percentage of charges and are dependent on the class drop date recorded in the Registrar's Office. Students are responsible for notifying the Registrar's Office when they intend to drop a class; drops are not processed automatically.

Refunds will apply to students who withdraw from a class or classes, reducing his or her enrollment status to full-time (originally enrolled in >16 credits) or less than full-time (originally enrolled in 12-16 credits), and it applies to students who completely withdraw from school and have not applied for or been awarded Federal Title IV financial aid.

Students receiving Federal Title IV financial aid will have their refunds applied to the aid program from which the student received the funding, based on a calculation pursuant the Federal Return of Title IV Funds Policy. Students receiving institutional aid will have their aid refunded based on the Institutional Refund Policy and the Federal Return of Title IV Funds Policy, when applicable.

The refund calendar adheres strictly to date ranges recorded for refund percentages and applies a percentage based on the drop date recorded in the Registrar's Office.

Guidelines used to create the USF refund calendar are given in the following document. 

Download: Refund Calendar