Credit for Prior Learning

Credit for Prior Spanish Learning

As approved by the USF Faculty in November of 2007, students who have earned a "B" or better in both Spanish 201 and 202 at USF may transcribe credits for Spanish 101 and 102 without additional (CLEP) testing.  A $15 per credit transcription fee is assessed for each credit earned through the "B" or better policy:  $60 for SPA101,  $60 for SPA102. 

Those students who have extensive prior learning experiences and wish to begin their Spanish studies at the 300 level should take the CLEP exam, unless they have credit for Spanish 101 through 202 through a College Board Advanced Placement Exam in Spanish Language or have those credits transferred from another university. 

Questions about Credit for Prior Spanish Learning

Q:  I've passed SPA 102 with a "B" or better, why can't I use this policy to transcribe credit for SPA101?  

A:  For two reasons: 

•1)      SPA101/102  is a fundamental introduction to Spanish grammar,vocabulary, and hispanic cultures.  SPA201/202, while not covering these topics in the same sequence, builds on that foundation by reviewing the same topics while offering a more challenging level of reading and communication.  We can safely presume that a student who has shown strong performance in both 201/202 has fulfilled the objectives of both SPA101/102.  But we cannot divide 101/102 and 201/202 experience into semesters because the sequence of topics is not the same.  

•2)     The Credit for Prior Learning Policy is designed to facilitate advanced placement in a 201/202 course.  Students who have had 3-4 years of challenging high school instruction are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity and maximize their learning at minimal cost.  Those who merely wish to transcribe credit can do so by taking the CLEP exam. 

Q:  I've passed SPA301/302 with a "B" or better.  Why can't I use this policy to transcribe credit for all

      of the lower division courses?  (SPA101 through SPA202)

A:  Once again, the answer is based upon the curriculum.  SPA101/102 is a fundamental introduction

to grammar, vocabulary, and hispanic cultures.  The SPA201/202 sequence reviews those concepts while building and strengthening communicative skills.    SPA301/302 is an Introduction to Hispanic Literature.  Successful completion of 301/302 does not require that students demonstrate that they have acquired the skills and knowledge that are assessed in the SPA101-SPA201 sequence. 

Taking the CLEP exam still allows the student to easily and economically transcribe credit for their prior learning.  It also provides some assurance that students entering at this advanced level are well-prepared to achieve the objectives of the 301/302 courses.

Reminder:  SPA301 and SPA302, unlike the lower division courses, do NOT need to be taken in sequence.   Join us for SPA302 in the spring semester, even if you didn't take 301 in the fall!

Download Registrar's form for Credit for Prior Spanish Learning