Program Requirements

All students must complete the core courses for the major.  A total of 37 credit hours is required for the major.  Students also must complete the concentration of their choice which includes the stated courses and six credit hours of psychology electives (typically two three-hour courses) that can include independent studies, internships, and special topic courses.  Students certainly are free to take additional psychology courses beyond the requirements.

Core Courses for the Major

Biology 100          Concepts in Biology

Psychology 201    General Psychology

Psychology 233    Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences

Psychology 250    Methods of Research

Psychology 405    Experimental Psychology

Psychology 408    Biological Psychology

Psychology 411    Child Psychology

Experimental Concentration

Psychology 341    Psychology of Learning

Psychology 431    Adult Development and Aging

Psychology 431    Cognitive Psychology

Psychology Electives (6 hours)

Counseling Concentration

Psychology 305    Abnormal Psychology

Psychology 403    Psychology of Personality

Psychology 407    Counseling

Psychology Electives (6 hours)


The requirements for graduation and the liberal arts core of the university can be found in the university's catalog .