Bill Loewen
Assistant Professor of Social Work

Bill received an MSW from the University of Washington and a PhD in Social Welfare from the University of Pennsylvania.  Bill has lived both in South America and Africa and worked in many multicultural settings.  His work experience includes planning community based aging social services, consulting with non-profits and employee owned businesses and teaching.  Group dynamics is a research and training specialty that holds high energy for him.

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Katie Bloom
Assistant Professor of Social Work

Katie received a LPN from Mitchell Area Vocational School, BA from Augustana College, and a MSW, from Yeshiva University, Wurtzweiler School of Social Work. Previous work experience includes:

- Presentation College
- Avera McKennan Hospice & Palliative Care
- Regional Director, Alzheimer’s Association (Eastern SD & Northwestern MN)
- Center for Active Generations - Director Adult Day Services

Areas of interest include: gerontology, mental health, palliative and end of life care, rural and urban medical social work, children and families, legal and ethical issues.

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You’ll Need a Social Worker. . .

  • When you find drugs in your son’s room
  • When your job is eliminated
  • When your mother-in-law wants to move in
  • When your neighborhood needs a community center
  • When you find there is no joy in your life
  • When your car accident destroys your career
  • When you sponsor a refugee family
  • When your legislature passes a bad law
  • When your brother won’t help care for dad
  • When your partner has a mid life crisis
  • When you are stressed by menopause
  • When your mom gets Alzheimer’s
  • When you are caring for parents and children
  • When you want to change careers
  • When you lose your home in a fire
  • When you are angry all the time
  • When your nest really empties
  • When your partner insists you retire
  • When you can’t afford respite care
  • When you can’t find a job and you’re sixty
  • When your kids demand you move in with them
  • When your daughter suddenly dies
  • When you are scared about living alone
  • When you can’t drive any more
  • When your children ignore your medical decisions
  • When your retirement check won’t pay the bills
  • When you learn you have a terminal illness
  • When you need a nursing home
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