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The USF Advantage
The Sociology faculty at USF will expose you to the many facets of the field of Sociology and prepare you for a wide variety of careers.
Experiential Learning
Our internship program and service-learning opportunities will provide you with hands-on experience.
Culture for Service
Through thought-provoking classes, you will be challenged to think critically about social problems and engage the world around you.

The Sociology major at the University of Sioux Falls offers a strong liberal arts foundation that will enable you to pursue a wide range of career paths and postgraduate work. Through this program, you will gain the analytical skills and the critical ability to understand basic principles and theories utilized by sociologists. In addition, you will develop research skills that will increase your marketability in today’s technical and data-oriented work environment.


Whether you choose to use your bachelor's degree in sociology as preparation for advanced study or as a direct gateway to the workplace, USF will prepare you for a wide range of opportunities.


Internship opportunities allow you to apply your understanding of the discipline to real world settings. The USF Internship Program enjoys a strong reputation with many leading organizations in Sioux Falls.

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