Major in Spanish
The Value of a Spanish Major
The Spanish language is useful to advance professionally in every conceivable public and private enterprise.
The USF Advantage
As a Spanish major, you have a wealth of opportunities to pursue beyond your coursework including the Spanish Club, Spanish Table, Spanish movie night, tutoring in all levels of Spanish and research conferences.
Experiential Learning
At USF, you will have the opportunity to use your Spanish in real-world settings and experience the culture of Spanish-speaking countries firsthand through travel opportunities and service learning opportunities with the local Hispanic/Latino community.

According to the Association of Spanish Language Academics, 10 percent of the world population will speak Spanish by 2050 and the United States will be the largest Spanish-speaking country. With a growing Spanish-speaking population in the U.S., a degree in Spanish from the University of Sioux Falls can be a valuable and versatile major.

The mission of the Spanish department at the University of Sioux Falls is to prepare our graduates to work and serve in a more globally diverse environment by learning Spanish and appreciating culture and ethnic diversity. Language proficiency involves not only skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing, but also knowledge of the histories and cultures of diverse Spanish- speaking peoples. It’s an exciting journey that takes us to many places in the world and in the nation. With small class sizes, we integrate faith and learning to create a warm and welcoming learning environment for both beginning and experienced students.

Opportunities for advanced placement and a streamlined double-major make our Spanish program especially attractive to those who seek to add a Spanish degree to other professional studies. We are always happy to visit with you, in Spanish or English, about your educational goals.


As a Spanish major, you will have opportunities to make an impact on local, national and international levels.

Study Abroad

Through USF’s study abroad opportunities, you will further your language skills and knowledge of the related countries and cultures.

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