Spanish Home

Changes in demographics in the United States are making Spanish language proficiency more and more valuable.  In the last U.S. census, 50.5 million hispanics represented the largest minority in the United States - and by the year 2050 (within the working careers of most undergraduate students) that representation is projected to grow to 30% of the U.S. population. 

The mission of the Spanish department at the University of Sioux Falls is to provide learner-centered instruction that builds Spanish language skills.  Language proficiency involves not only skills in speaking, listening, reading & writing, but also knowledge of the histories and cultures of diverse spanish-speaking peoples.  It is an exciting journey that takes us to many places in the world.  Our smaller class sizes and open conversations that integrate faith and learning create a warm and welcoming learning environment for both beginning and experienced students. Come and join us for learning opportunities both in and outside the classroom.

Opportunities for advanced placement and a streamlined double-major make our Spanish degree program especially attractive to those who seek add a Spanish degree to other professional studies.  We are always happy to visit with you, in Spanish or English, about your educational goals.