Bible Minor
The Bible minor aims to provide students with deeper understanding of biblical literature and its interpretation.  Students will develop greater familiarity with the contents of the Bible and the world in which the writings that form the Bible were composed.  They will develop familarity with methods of exegesis (interpretation) and hermeneutics (application) and will grow in understanding of how the ancient scriptures inform theology and Christian living today.

Vocational Applications: 
The Bible minor can be a foundation for graduate and professional training leading to careers in pastoral ministry, Christian education, missionary service, campus ministry, institutional chaplaincy, para-church ministry, and teaching. 

In addition to meeting the regular degree requirements of the University (which include THE 140 and 240), the student must take five 3 s.h. upper division courses in Biblical Studies or four such courses plus THE 303.

THE 303 History of Christianity
THE 309 New Testament Greek I
THE 310 New Testament Greek II
THE 317 Jesus and the Gospels
THE 318 Letters of Paul
THE 319 Hebrews to Revelation
THE 351 Old Testament Elective (1 or more OT books)
THE 361 New Testament Elective (1 or more NT books) 
THE 394 Issues in Biblical Studies