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Why is my computer running slow? Why do I get so many pop-ups? Does my computer have a virus?

Click HERE for the Help Tutorial **Print the file and follow the instructions**

Do you find yourself asking these questions? If you do, this tutorial can help. A slowly running computer and excessive pop-ups may be caused by spyware. Viruses, which can cause your computer to act weird or even crash, are caused by malware.

Spyware is software installed on your computer without your consent that covertly gathers information about you through the internet, usually for advertising purposes. It is a virtual “person” keeping track of how you use your computer and reporting it to some distant advertising company. Spyware is common in peer-to-peer file sharing programs (such as Kazaa), and in shareware and freeware programs. Besides gathering information about you from your computer use, spyware also slows your computer down. It runs programs in the background without your knowledge, using up system resources and internet bandwidth, which causes your whole computer to slow down. A lot of pop-up ads appearing randomly can also be caused by spyware. This tutorial explains how to download, install, and use two free spyware removal programs, Ad-Aware and Spybot Search & Destroy.

Malware (short for malicious software) is software designed to damage or disrupt your computer’s normal functioning. Viruses, worms, and Trojan horses are examples of malware. While not all viruses, worms, etc. are extremely harmful to your computer, the ones that are not can cause unwanted computer functioning. And of course, the very harmful viruses, worms, etc. can cause your computer to crash and can cause all your files on your hard drive to be lost. Perhaps the most common way of getting viruses, worms, etc. is through email attachments (which are usually disguised as something innocent). When such an attachment is opened, the virus or worm or whatever installs itself on your computer wreaks havoc. This tutorial explains how to download, install, and run a free antivirus program, Avast! antivirus.

Click HERE for the Help Tutorial **Print the file and follow the instructions**