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Smart FTP Program

1. You will find SmartFTP under Start / All Programs / SmartFTP

2. You won't need the transfer window so click on the x of the window to close it.

3. To log in to our web site type in if you are loading departmental pages or if you are loading your own personal pages.

4. Type in your WEB account name in the login box (it probably is different than your usf network login name).  Type in your WEB password in the password box.

5. A remote box will pop up.  notice the little globe on the title bar.  The bottom portion of the window is a log of your actions.  If it has words in red - you may not have been successful in publishing.

6. Click on the Local Browser icon to get a local network window up.

7. Use the tile icons to position your windows the way you want.  The window that is active (blue) will tile on top or to the left.

Use these window like you would windows explorer - drag and drop your files in either direction.