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How to use FileZilla

With a web account from USF, you can publish your own pages on USF's website.
The following is a brief tutorial teaching you how to access and use your web account to publish your pages using FileZilla.

After you have created a new web page to publish or have updated an existing webpage, you are ready to publish (or upload) your page(s) to the internet using and FTP program such as FileZilla.

When you publish your web pages, you are transferring files from our local network to a remote host site.  Therefore, an FTP program is a program designed to access our local network and connect to the remote site where the web pages are to be published.   With your web account from USF, you have access to the USF server "" Your web pages will be published there.

To download a free copy of Filezilla, click HERE.

If a bar comes up under the address bar in Internet Explorer that says "To help protect your security, Internet Explorer blocked this site from downloading files to your computer. Click here for options...", right click on it and select "download file..." and click run to install FileZilla.


To Install FileZilla...
  • select English as the language
  • select I Agree to the license agreement
  • select standard as the type of install you want to run and click next
  • allow the default destination folder by clicking next
  • click next to create start menu icons
  • make sure that "Do not use secure mode" is selected and also "use registry" and "Force registry even if XML file exists" are both selected
  • click Install
  • finally click Close
Configuring FileZilla

When you open FileZilla it should look like this...












To close the local tree view click the icon with the L on it right above the address field. (You don't have to if you want it for navigation purposes. You need to close the queue window, so click the button with a Q in it above the address field.











Next click on the icon with the two computers.








A window that says Site Manager at the top should popup. Next click on New Site.

  1. Type in "personal_web" instead of New FTP site

  2. Check Normal instead of Anonymous

  3. Under host, type in "" the address should default back to

  4. Under User type in your username

  5. Under Password type in your password

  6. Check Default site

  7. Finally click Save and Exit

If you cannot remember your username and password or you do not have a web account, contact the Computer Center at 605-331-6726.















Next click on the arrow beside the two computers (site manager) and a drop down list should popup. Select personal_web, and it should connect to your live web site










Uploading Files and Images

Your live web page should then appear on the left under the remote site. Make sure you navigate to the www folder before you upload anything. The entirety of your web page needs to go into the www folder on the remote site.

Then navigate to where you have you web site saved on your computer by navigating in the local site. If you desire to go back to the previous folder in either the remote or local views click on the ".." folder at the top of either view.

Always make sure that you have resized images in a program like Irfanview or before putting them into FrontPage and uploading them on the live web. Everyone has a limit of 20 mb for web space. If you don't resize your images, your web space will quickly disappear. To learn how to resize images using Irfanview click HERE .