Medical Technology
Student Learning Outcomes:
The program is designed to provide the requisite course background to allow acceptance into an approved school of medical technology (during the student's fourth year) and successful completion thereof.

Vocational Applicaition:
This program of study is appropriate for one who desires a medical technologist position in a hospital or clinical laboratory.

Students who wish to become medical technologists pursue a minimum of three years at USF prior to entering the clinical year in an approved school of medical technology.  College credit equivalent to one full calendar year (40 semester hours) will be granted to students who successfully complete the professional (clinical) year's program in an approved hospital.  This credit is awarded in the form of the courses described below.  A bachelor of science degree in Medical Technology will be conferred provided all other course requirements have been satisfied.  Majors must participate in program assesment activities.

Some students elect to complete a four-year major in Biology or Chemistry before applying for the professinal year experience.  The University has an affiliation agreement with Sanford Health in Sioux Falls; however, students may elect to attend any other accredited professional program if successful in gaining admission.

In addition to the liberal arts core requirements, the three-year program at USF should include the following courses:
BIO100 Concepts in Biology
BIO302 Biology of Microorganisms
BIO314 Human Anatomy
BIO315 Human Physiology
BIO380 Immunology

CHE111 General Chemistry I
CHE112 General Chemistry II
CHE211 Organic CHemistry I
CHE305 Biochemistry
CHE332 Quantitative Analysis

MAT233 Introduction to Statistics

NSC300 Colloquium (required during two semesters of the junior year, and on presentation is required)

PHY  (two Physics electives)

Additional courses recommended are Biology 204, 222 and 309; Chemistry 212; Business Administration 210 and/or 241 and any computer science courses.
Contact Information:
Dr. Cliff Lewis, Professor of Chemistry
Phone: 605-331-6761   Office: Science Center

Dr. George Mwangi, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Phone: 605-575-2069   Office: Science Center

Keith Perkins, Associate Professor of Biology
Phone: 605-331-6753   Office: Science Center

Dr. Bill Soeffing, Professor of Biology
Phone: 605-331-6759   Office: Science Center