Paramedic Technolgy
Student Learning Outcomes:
This program is designed to provide the requisite course background prior to entrance into a CoAEMSP/CAAHEP-approved program in EMT-Paramedic and to promote the successful completion of that program.  Likewise, this program is constructed to enable an EMT-Paramedic who completes a significant (see below) amount of university work to obtain university credit for their clinical program and earn a B.S. in Paramedic Technology.

Vocational Applications:
This program of study is appropriate for a student who desires an EMT-Paramedic positioin and a liberal arts education.

In order to obtain a degree from the University of Sioux Falls, a student must complete a CoAEMSP/CAAHEP-approved EMT-Paramedic Program(and its prerequisite EMT Program), complete a total of 128 (including 44 semester hours of blanket credit) semester hours and pass the National Registry Examination.  Upon successful completion of the EMT-Paramedic Program, the required University courses and presentation of appropriate proof of passage of the National Registry Exam to the USF Registrar, 44 semester hours of blanket credit in Paramedic Technology will be transcripted and the appropriate degree awarded. 

In addition to meeting the liberal arts core requirements of the University, students must complete the courses listed below.  Majors must participate in program assessment activities.

BIO100 Concepts in Biology
BIO302 Biology of Microorganisms
BIO314 Human Anatomy
BIO315 Human Physiology

CHE111 & 112 General Chemistry I & II
or CHE121 & 122 Intro to Chem and Organic and Biochem
or PHY101 & 102 Introductory College Physics
or PHY201 & 202 University Physics

EXS213 Medical Terminology

NSC300 Science Colloguium (2 semesters)

8 s.h. of elective courses

Contact Information:
Dr. Cliff Lewis, Professor of Chemistry
Phone: 605-331-6761   Office: Science Center

Dr. George Mwangi, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Phone: 605-575-2069   Office: Science Center

Keith Perkins, Associate Professor of Biology
Phone: 605-331-6753   Office: Science Center

Dr. Bill Soeffing, Professor of Biology
Phone: 605-331-6759   Office: Science Center