Student Activities

2013-2014 Activities

Careers in Mathematics

Dr. Kurt Bryan

Professor of Mathematics, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

The USF Careers in Mathematics Series concluded with a wonderful talk by Dr. Kurt Bryan about compressed sensing.

Dr. Bryan is using the toy problem of finding a certain number of "bad marbles" to illustrate the basic concepts required for the single-pixel camera later in the talk.

John N. Aarsvold

Atlanta Veteran Affairs Medical Center/Emory University

Dr. Aarsvold presented "Mathematics and Medical Imaging:  An Introduction" to over 100 attendees from the USF community and the general public.

Among the many pictures, this one introduces the difference between what the doctors see (a picture) versus the information the technology picks up (the actual data).

Fractal Art

Kevin J. Gross

Spirit Fire Images

The USF Math/CS Club Treasurer Bobby Brockmueller introduces the mathematical artist, Kevin J. Gross from Indiana for a presentation on the creation of his fractal art pieces.

Blending mathematics and art, Mr. Gross explains how he approaches his process with colors and shows some exploration in the Mandelbrot set.

Mr. Gross provided demonstrations of using the software and the possiblities in the creation of his art.

Math Club

USF's Math Club started the new academic year hosting a get-together with pizza and card tricks. A good number of math majors/minors showed up for the beginning festivities!

Math Club President Billy Brockmueller gives a demonstration of a mathematical card trick.

And just like any good classroom, it's time for others to try!

Are some of our math/secondary education majors discussing new pedegogy or the latest math assignment?

We find all levels of majors enjoying each other's company and insights.

2012-2013 Activities

Math on the Northern Plains

USF hosted the Math on the Northern Plain Undergraduate conference.  With students from the Plains area, students gave talks on topics from Brownie Pans to Control Graphs and everything in between.  A number of USF students also gave talks at the conference.

Senior Mathematics and Secondary Education major, Michelle Johnson spoke about mathematical models of polio.

Senior Computer Science and Applied Mathematics major, Tyler Reibsamen speaks about Artificial Neural Networks.

Senior Applied Mathematics and Computer Science major, Nathan Lippert talked about Fractal Image Compression.

Our first plenary speaker, Dr. Todd Mateer, from the National Security Agency went through many types of methods for encrypting data.

Dr. Jose Flores, from the University of South Dakota, spoke about models applied in the field of mathematical biology related to predator-prey models.

Careers in Mathematics Series

Todd Mateer, National Security Agency

Our last speaker of the year, Dr. Mateer, spoke to the community about supercomputing.

With audience participation, Dr. Mateer helped explain how supercomputers accomplished their tasks more efficiently.

John Petri, IBM

John leads the structured resources team with IBM Watson Solutions.

John captivated the audience with stories from Watson's Jeopardy competition to uses of Watson in medical and financial frameworks.

Dr. Carol Meyers, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Dr. Carol Meyers spoke about her work in Operations Research.

Dr. Meyer focused part of her talk on her work on STORM which dealt with the refurbishment and reduction of nuclear weapons.

An attentive crowd listened as Dr. Meyer gave background into the very large and important problem.

Dr. Sommer Gentry, US Naval Academy

USF's Dr. Joy Lind with the first of the year's Careers in Mathematics Speakers, Dr. Sommer Gentry.

Dr. Gentry's talk emphasized how operation research can be applied to a variety of important problems.

An audience of 100 people showed up to listen to Dr. Gentry.  One application she focused on was her research in designing optimization methods for nationwide kidney paired donation registries.

Guest Speakers

Mr. Jacob Shoup, Flandreau High School

The USF Math/CS Club brought alumnus Jacob Shoup to speak to the future Secondary Education teachers.  Mr. Shoup gave sage advice as students edged closer to their own classrooms.

Mr. Shoup with future Secondary Education Mathematics teachers.

Annual USF Math/CS Picnic

The start of a new school year means the students come out to visit with classmates and faculty.

The CS students talking tech and enjoying the pleasant Saturday afternoon.

Everyone, young and "older" talking about all sorts of topics.

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