Federal Loans

Student loans are borrowed money that must be repaid, with interest, just like car loans and home mortgages. Loans are legal obligations, so before you take out a student loan, think about the amount you'll have to repay over the years and borrow wisely.

Federal student loans require the completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) annually.

Types of loan:

Federal Direct Stafford Loan
Federal Perkins Loan
Federal Direct Parent (PLUS) Loan

Consolidating Your Loans

Additional Resources

For more detailed information about federal student loans, visit The Department of Education's website: http://studentaid.ed.gov.

Your Federal Student Loans: Learn the Basics and Manage Your Debt can help you learn more about federal student loan debt. You can find this publication at www.FederalStudentAid.ed.gov.

Student Loan Ombudsman - The U.S. Department of Education has established a Student Loan Ombudsman as a liaison for student complaints and for resolution of student loan problems. You may contact the Ombudsman's Customer Service Line at 1-877-557-2575 or online at www.fsahelp.ed.gov.