About the Degree Completion Program

DCP brings students together from a variety of interests, backgrounds and career paths. Once you are accepted into the program, you'll become part of an academic support group known as a "cohort." The cohort model of learning allows you to draw from the experiences and knowledge of others as you work through classes together.

Many students are surprised to find how close they are to achieving a college degree. DCP allows students with at least two years of transferable credits, including non-traditional credits, to complete their coursework towards a Bachelor of Arts degree. If you're not sure whether your past experiences or college credits qualify, we will be glad to review your history and help you get started. Even if you don't have enough credits, you can enroll as a pre-DCP student.

What is accelerated learning?

Accelerated classes use special instructional techniques chosen for their ability to help students learn and retain large amounts of information. Students do much of their learning on their own, often on the job, so the required classroom time is shortened. Courses taught in an accelerated program meet for about half the amount of traditional face-to-face classes. This means students complete a significant amount of work outside of the classroom. Study times vary from class to class and student to student. Normally, students can expect to spend approximately 10-12 hours a week outside of class, reading, working on class projects or writing papers.

What type of student is best suited for accelerated classes?

Accelerated classes require highly motivated students. Students in accelerated classes should be in the workforce so they will have work and life experiences to bring to the class. We want you to be successful; a key to being successful in college is knowing what type of learner you are. Typical learner characteristics that foster success in an accelerated format include: self-motivation, self-direction, ability to work independently and effective time management skills.