Business Innovation & Marketing (formerly Entrepreneurial Studies)

A major in Business Innovation & Marketing prepares the student with the training that addresses the unique aspects of starting a business, refining ways to produce and deliver existing goods and services, or develop new products and technologies. Starting and/or building new organizations or revitalizing mature organizations in response to identified opportunities is an exciting and rewarding challenge. The better prepared one is for the realities of starting or revitalizing an organization, the higher probability one has at being successful.

Student Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of your bachelor's degree in Business Innovation & Marketing, you will be able to (1) demonstrate familiarity with basic research methodologies, presenting their analysis and findings in a coherent paper; (2) demonstrate mastery of basic knowledge and competency in Business Innovation & Marketing; (3) demonstrate the capacity to evaluate ethical and stewardship issues in light of their faith and within the context of the discipline; and (4) demonstrate an understanding of Business Innovation & Marketing concepts from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Business Innovation & Marketing Curriculum (41 semester hours)

Foundation for Professional Development 1 s.h.
Dynamics of Group & Organizational Behavior 3 s.h.
Faith & World Views 3 s.h.
Intercultural Communication  3 s.h.
Personal & Professional Christian Ethics & Values  3 s.h.
Statistical & Mathematical Functions  3 s.h.
Applied Organizational Research Proposal  4 s.h.
Principles of Financial Management  3 s.h.
Innovation and Problem Solving  3 s.h.
Business and Marketing Dynamics 3 s.h.
Sales and Marketing Management 3 s.h.
Human Resource Development 3 s.h.
Managing Innovative Projects 3 s.h.
Business Plan Development  3 s.h.

*Some students may need to take liberal arts and/or elective courses in addition to the Accelerated Degree Completion Program major to meet graduation requirements.