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Add Reoccuring Appointments
To add a reoccurring appointment:


1.  Repeat steps 1 – 3 of the “To add or delete an appointment” help page.

2.  Click the button labeled “recurrence”.  Adjust the options according to how often the appointment occurs and how many times it will occur.  Click the “OK” button.

3.  Click the “save and close” button to add all the appointments.

To show you are out of the office:

  1.  To show a time when you will have an extended period of time out of the office, double click on the day you will be leaving.

2.  Type in the subject and location of the event.


3.  Next to the “end time” box, press the down arrow.  Select the end date of your absence.


4.  Click the down arrow next to the “show time as” box.  Select “out of the office” and click save and close.