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Campus Building Schedules

Campus Building Schedule


Click on “View” on the top of your outlook screen.  Select “folder list”. This should show you all of your outlook folders.


Click on the “+” sign beside “public folders”.  Next click on the “+” sign next to “All Public Folders”.


You should see a folder labeled “campus building schedule”.  Click on the “+” sign beside this folder.


You should see a calendar labeled for each building on campus. Click on the building schedule you wish to view. This will show you a calendar of the building’s events.


FYI:  Everyone on campus will be able to view all events. However, only the room coordinator will be able to add or delete events.


Events Calendar


To view a common calendar with all USF events, repeat steps 1 and 2 from the campus building schedule.


You should see a calendar labeled “USF events”.   Click on this calendar to view the common calendar.


FYI:  This is also the calendar that is available to view on USF’s website.