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How to Reserve Facilities

In order to simplify the process for reserving a room/space for a meeting or event, the Buildings, Grounds, and Security Department has implemented new guidelines.

 All facility use must be reserved through the following:

All classrooms (including Stewart Center and Library classrooms) 

Buildings, Grounds, & Security
Auditorium & Lobby, Cleveland Center Conference Rooms, Chapel, Dining Room.
               Stewart Center Conference Rooms, Student Union Cellar, Student Union Rose Room,
               Student Union Lobby & all off campus requests 

Administrative Assistant - Athletics
               Stewart Wellness Center Gym Floor

  • A FER (Facility / Equipment Requisition) is required to reserve  rooms or buildings.  Rooms may be tentatively scheduled, but if a FER is not received the room will be made available for others to reserve.
  • All events must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance (no exceptions).
  • Conference Rooms can be scheduled for meetings at any time as long as no set up is required.  If a set up is required, then a FER and 2 weeks notice is required.
  • All events (including classes) in the Auditorium must be scheduled with the Buildings, Grounds, & Security.  If your event/class is on the schedule, the facility will not be rented to outside groups.  Once an outside group has rented the facility, it will no longer be available for use by USF groups for any reason during the rental period.
  • The Jeschke Auditorium and Lobby are reserved as a unit.  If someone reserves the Auditorium, they automatically reserve the Lobby as well.  If someone reserves the Lobby, the Auditorium will not be available during that time.
  • Any events in the Cleveland Center Lillibridge Board Room that require the removal of the dividing wall must have the prior approval of the Director of Buildings and Grounds.
  • Campus groups and organizations have priority on use if a reservation is made and a FER is completed according to the following schedule:
Reservation made by: For period of
        October 1      July 1 - August 31
                        (following year)
        March 1      September 1 - May 31
                        (next academic year)