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Institutional Goal Statements
The following goal statements are based on the mission and the statements of institutional purpose.  University of Sioux Falls, in order to enhance quality in all its programs, seeks to achieve the following goals:

From the Mission Statement . . .
1. To foster academic excellence.
2. To assist students in becoming mature Christian persons.
3. To enable students to become servant leaders as a result of their education.

From the Statements of Institutional Purpose…
4. To provide an educational and extracurricular environment that challenges and supports students to achieve their full potential. 
5. To challenge students through a liberal arts curriculum that emphasizes the exploration of new ideas and the development of a Christian worldview.
6. To help students acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes appropriate to their specific major and career objectives.
7. To strengthen faculty and staff in their vocation of serving, teaching, advising, and mentoring students.
8. To value cultural and ethnic diversity and to cultivate a more global perspective on current issues.