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Cleveland Room 106A

How to Run the Audio/Visual Equipment

  The Switch for the screen is located on the West wall (opposite door entrance) between projector switch and room volume control. image001
  Simply push and hold the switch down until the screen stops.  To raise the screen, push and hold the switch up until the screen has ascended into the holder.

  The Switch for the projector is located on the West wall (opposite door entrance) next to window. (see above) To lower projector, simply push the switch down and projector lowers automatically; push switch up and projector raises automatically.
  The Extron Control Board is the main component for the interaction and operation of the projector with the other equipment in the room.  This board controls which device gets access to the projector and what is viewed on the screen.  It also controls the power to the projector.

On - press the ‘power’ button on the extron video system, located below the VCR.



The Extron remote control may also be used to power up the projector. (simply push display power button)

  You must have the sound switch turned on in order for sound to occur.  Please note that there are two sound related switches; the power switch and the room volume control.
  Power Switch is located on the West wall of room 106b.  Press the green button, next press the yellow button, next press the green button again.  The green and yellow lights should both be off.  However the red light on the volume control in room 106a should be lit.  To turn the sound off press the green button again - the volume light should turn off. image004
  Volume Control is located next to screen switch in room 106a.  Push arrows up or down on panel to raise and lower volume.  (This will also control volume in 106A room when entire Lillibridge conference room is in use.) image005.jpg
  To activate the sound for entire conference room, push the Yellow button above the green button in 106B.  Please note computer in room 106B is the default system for sound in the Lillibridge conference room.

  • Display PowerPoint Presentations w/sound,
  • Display all computer activities and images w/sound,
  • Play CD disks,
  • Play DVD movies w/sound, or
  • Display Internet pages w/sound.

Important note:  Please power up the computer or turn the VCR on prior to pushing the Extron button for that device.  This will allow the Extron system to detect the equipment and provide the interface needed to project the images on the screen.   In addition, please do not push the Extron buttons at a rapid pace.  Doing so could delay the system from recognizing the device you wish to use causing a blue screen to appear.  If you get a blue screen, see the troubleshooting section below for more help.

Laptop note:  Their will be a cable for hooking up the laptop in the drawer.  Connect this cable to your laptop and to the audio /comp port (PC1 Input) on the Extron system.



Extron Button to Push
Laptop PC1
Main Computer PC2
DVD Player PC2



push 1 for Laptop
push 2 for PC/DVD

  VCR - insert tape into the VCR, press ‘play’ on the VCR, and then press the ‘VID1’ button on the extron video system.
CABLE TV - Turn on VCR, press the ‘VID1’ button on the extron video system. and select the correct channel on the VCR.


The VCR remote may also be used to control both the VCR and the cable TV channels.

TV hook ups (NO PROJECTOR)
  Cable TV hook ups are located on south west corner.  To use the room speakers, connect the wall coaxial jack to the TV IN and the RCA cables from the TV to the wall for the room speakers. image011

In order to maintain the integrity and continuous proper functioning of the system, it needs to be shut down correctly.  To shut down the projector, please press the power button; the red light on the Extron board will blink and a message will appear on the screen indicating for the user to please wait.  After a few moments the projector lamp will shut off, even though the fan will continue to run.   This is normal.  After a few minutes, the fan will shut off and the projector wil be in standby mode for future use.  Please shut off all other devices as well, including the sound to maintain the reliability of the system.