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USF Campus Internet Access
 Please use the following steps to gain access to the internet while on the USF Campus, including in Resident Halls.
 1. Plug your computer into a network jack in the wall using an Ethernet cable (Students living on campus may recieve ONE free Ethernet cable from the IT Dept).  Alternatively, one may connect to a wireless hotspot, where available.
 2.  Open Internet Explorer.  You will then be redirected to a page asking you to login. Please login using your USF Username and Password (the same login information used for USF email and accessing campus computers).
 3.  Once you are logged in, you will be prompted to install Cisco NAC Agent.  This program must be downloaded to use the internet on the USF campus.
 4. The Cisco agent will automatically launch everytime you try to connect to the USF network.  The Cisco NAC Agent looks like this:
Cisco Log In.jpg Please enter your USF Username and Password.  You may select Remember Me if you don't wish to re-enter this information in the future.
 5.  Cisco will then check to make sure that your system meets the requirements.  The requirments that your system needs to pass are the Anti-Virus, or AV, install check and the AV definitions check.
 6. After you successfully log in, you'll be greeted by the following screen:Terms and conditions.JPG
You must read and accept the Network Usage Policay Terms and Conditions to continue.
 For a more detailed set of instructions on installing Cisco NAC Agent, click HERE
   For help with getting a anti-virus program through the school, click HERE.
 Any Questions-give us a call at (605) 331-6674