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Doctoral Program in Leadership

Initiated more than 27 years ago, the Doctoral Program in Leadership (Ed.D.) is a practitioner-oriented, distinctive degree program that prides itself on braiding theory with real-life application. Here, you can apply everything from academic research findings to brainstorms with classmates to your organization’s critical issues and challenging situations.

During your doctoral studies, you will learn the foundations of leadership by:

  • Contributing to a culture of intellectual challenge and support within a community of learners.
  • Deepening your understanding of leadership and organizational theory.
  • Analyzing critical leadership issues related to equity, global interdependence, conflicting cultural values, and accelerating social and technological change.
  • Examining ethical dimensions of policy and decision making.
  • Utilizing research, critical analysis and imagination in planning, problem solving and evaluation.

Since 2003, the University of St. Thomas in collaboration with the University of Sioux Falls has been offering the Doctorate in Leadership on USF's campus. A new cohort is scheduled to begin in November 2013. The deadline for application is early September.

Core and research courses are offered one Friday evening and all day Saturday one weekend a month in a cohort model on USF's campus. Collateral classes are individually determined and scheduled. This schedule allows students to complete course requirements in approximately three and one-half years, which is followed by the dissertation.