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Course of Study

The Doctoral Program in Leadership coursework has been developed to meet your scheduling needs and provides working professionals with the opportunity to obtain this doctoral degree while maintaining a reasonable work-life balance.

The program’s four components are core, research, and collateral courses, plus the dissertation. Over a three-year period, students attend core courses with their cohort. Core courses are the heart of the doctoral program, focusing on ideas and issues central to leadership. While pursuing the core component, students may concurrently take collateral courses. A faculty chairperson and two committee members mentor each doctoral candidate’s research and writing every step of the way as they develop their dissertation.

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Core – 18 credits

  • Leaders and Organizations: Multidisciplinary Perspectives 1 (EDLD 910 – 2 Credits)
  • Leaders and Organizations: Multidisciplinary Perspectives 2 (EDLD 911 – 3 Credits)
  • Critical Issues in their Political, Social and Economic Contexts (EDLD 912 – 4 Credits)
  • Power, Freedom and Change (EDLD 913 – 3 Credits)
  • Ethical Dimensions of Leadership (EDLD 914 – 3 Credits)
  • Leadership Narrative Seminar (EDLD 915 – 3 Credits)

Research – 12 credits

  • Survey Research (EDLD 902 --3 Credits)
  • Qualitative Methods of Research and Evaluation (EDLD 904 – 3 Credits)
  • Framing a Research Question (EDLD 920 – 2 Credits)
  • Research Proposal Design (EDLD 921 – 1 Credit)
  • Analysis of Qualitative Data (EDLD 905 – 3 Credits)

Collateral – 24-30 credits

Each student, working with faculty, will outline a program of concentrated study with courses from UST and USF offerings as well as other institutions. Examples of commonly taken courses include:

  • Social Theory
  • International Development
  • Feminist Perspectives on Leadership
  • Policy Development
  • Principalship K-12
  • Seminar in Higher Education
  • Leadership and Organizational Theory
  • Critical Pedagogy

Dissertation – 12 credits

This major paper demonstrates the doctoral student's ability to research an important question in leadership and to present and interpret the findings in clear and logical written form. The dissertation is completed under the supervision of a faculty chair and is formally presented in an oral presentation to the dissertation committee.