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How to Run the Audio/Visual Equipment

Often times, the system may not perform to its potential causing frustrations, delays, etc.  This page provides common questions and answers to assist with quick solutions to common problems.  Please note, not all solutions for problems are listed.


Q:        I don’t have sound, what do I do?

Ans:     Usually sound problems come from three different aspects in the room.  Follow these steps for easy troubleshooting

1.        First, make sure that the room sound power switch is turned on.  The switch location is provided above and it is the one that turns red when turned on.

2.        If step 1 is complete, make sure that the room volume control knob located on the wall in the room is turned up. 

3.        If both of the previous steps have been completed, check to make sure the volume control knob on the Extron board is not turned down.  Locate this knob on the board and turn it slowly to the right. 

4.        If this fails to produce sound, there might be a bigger problem. The computer, VCR, cables, wiring in the floor, etc. all could be a potential problem.  Contact the system administrator or the website for further assistance.


Q:        What if I get a blue screen?

Ans:     Usually when you get a blue screen, it indicates that the system is not sending a signal to the projector.  Follow these steps to troubleshoot.

1.        Determine that the power is on for the Extron board.  If so, make sure the power is on for the device you are intending to use.

2.        If you are using a laptop, often times the laptop must be connected to the Extron board prior to power up in order for the interface and recognition of the device by the laptop. 

3.        If the devices are connected and turned on, make sure that the button on the Extron board corresponding to the device you wish to use is pushed.  A red light next to the button on the Extron board will indicate that the button has been pushed. 

4.        If the blue screen persists, check to see if any of the other devices are working.  For example, if you are trying to use the VCR and VID1 has been pushed and you are getting a blue screen, try pushing the PC2 button to check if the computer image comes up.  If it does, wait a few moments then retry pushing the VID1 button.  Remember, pushing the buttons too quickly on the Extron will lead to system overload and a blue screen.

5.        If this does not fix the problem, try the VCR tape and see if you get sound.  If there is sound, chances are the system needs to “catch up”.  Most likely, simply powering down the system, wait 3-5 minutes and power the system back up in the normal process will rectify the problem.  If there is no sound, go to next step.

6.        Check the cabling to make sure there are no loose cables.  Connect any cables that may have come unconnected.  If that is not the problem, contact the system administrator or the website for further assistance. 


Q:        What if only one device works but not the others?

Ans:     Usually if one device works they should all work.  However, given the fact that the VCR and computer are different, it is a good idea to check the following:

1.        If the problem is that the computer doesn’t project anything onto the screen, try rebooting the computer

2.        If the VCR is not projecting an image, turn off the VCR, push the PC2 button on the Extron board to get the computer image, then turn the VCR back on and then try the VID1 button again.

3.        If that does not fix the problem, check the blue screen steps above or contact the system administrator or consult the website.  


this page created thanks to Monty Bohrer