Admission Requirements

Download MBA Admission Guide
  1. Evidence of academic ability (3.0 undergraduate GPA)
  2. Three years of professional work experience (a combination of significant volunteer, internship and part-time work experiences may be considered)
  3. Three recommendations testifying to capabilities and promise of future success
  4. Evidence of competency through undergraduate coursework in accounting, finance, economics and statistics

Admission to MBA Program
A student desiring to apply for admission into the MBA program must submit to the MBA Director the following:

  1. A formal application and application fee (Download Application for Admission)
  2. Official transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate work
  3. Three personal recommendations (Download Letter of Recommendation) and supportive data
  4. A current resume

An international applicant must submit acceptable scores (550 or above) on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) before admission to the graduate program will be granted. All expenses of the test are to be covered by the applicant.

USF accepts students without regart to race, religion, sex, disability, ethnicity or age. If you a prospective student with a disability and need accomodations during the admission process, please contact the Director of Learning Accessibility Services at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or 605-331-6648.

Admission Requirements and Expectations
Admission to the MBA program is competitive. Prospective students should consider their previous academic experiences, work experiences and maturity when assessing their readiness for graduate-level work.

Applications for admission are evaluated in terms of applicants' undergraduate GPA, three personal recommendations, current resumes and other supporting documents. Previous course preparation must include knowledge of microeconomics, accounting, managerial finance and statistics.

Provisional admission may be granted to applicants when they haven't completed course prerequisites and/or when their undergraduate GPA is less than 3.0. If an applicant's GPA is less than 3.0 in undergraduate work, a typed statement must be submitted to the MBA Director which addresses the circumstances which affected previous academic experiences, the student's maturity level and other circumstances under which the student may be deemed capable of high-quality graduate study. (If the GMAT has been taken, scores may be submitted to demonstrate support for current aptitude for graduate work.) Provisionally-admitted candidates must maintain a GPA 3.0 or greater during their first three MBA courses and complete the competency course requirement(s) before enrolling in the MBA core courses in these subjects.

In addition to demonstrating competency in the courses described above, students are also expected to be proficient in the use of Microsoft application software such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Students are expected to demonstrate strong written and oral communication skills, critical thinking abilities and analytic skills. Furthermore, students will be expected to demonstrate leadership and collaboration skills in a wide range of team-based projects.